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We invite you to our restaurant

The Restaurant is open from 13.00 to 22.00.

We offer 90 seats. Our interesting and stylish interiors, very colorful – a mix of traditional polish style with modern accents make a unique climate of the restaurant. The dining room is equipped with a sound system playing calm and relaxing music. 

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Our Chefs are very well known for their sophisticated taste and passion for creating the best dishes.


The bar is open 24 hours for hotel guests.

The unique atmosphere of the winter garden cafe full of natural greenery favors romantic meetings with delicious coffee and desserts.


Discover our menu

Start the day with a rich breakfast menu at Hotel Tango for only 30 zł


they are issued in the form of a Swedish buffet from 7:00 am to 9:00 am, on Sunday from 8:00 am to 10:00 am, at a price of PLN 30 per person


Beefsteak tartare 29 PLN (100 g)

Pork tenderloin on toast 16 PLN (3 szt)

Shrimps with ginger and melon 26 PLN (100 g)

Herring in oil / with cream 9 PLN (80 g/80g)


Traditional polish soup with egg 12 PLN

Cheese soup with tomato and spring onion 12 PLN

Chicken soup with noodles 8 PLN

Soup of the day 11 PLN

Main Dishes

Meat dishes

Beef steak cooked to your taste served with a green pepper sauce 47 PLN/49PLN ( 180g)

Medallions of pork tenderloin in mushroom sauce 32 PLN ( 200 g)

Grilled pork served with ratatouille 21 PLN (120g)

Poultry dishes

Turkey fillet in grains with peach and cranberry chutney 26 PLN (120g)

Chicken beast with mushroom and sour cream 23 PLN ( 120g)

Chicken wings in BBQ sauce 21 PLN (5 szt)

Fish dishes

Grilled salmon in butter-lemon sauce 42 PLN (140g)

Trout fillet with zucchini fritters and spinachflannel 32 PLN (200g)

Vegetarian dishes

Seasonal vegetables with bechamel sauce 16 PLN

Breaded Camembert with peach and cranberry chutney 15 PLN


Pasta carbonara 17 PLN

Spaghetti Bolognese 14 PLN


Smoked salmon salad 23 PLN

Caprese Salad ( tomatoes with mozzarella cheese ) 14 PLN

Grilled salad chicken 18PLN


Fresh friuts with ice cream 16 PLN (150g)

Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries 12 PLN (100g)

Pancake with fruits 15 PLN (1szt)

Strawberries mousse with cream 8 PLN (150g)

Warm apple pie served 8 PLN (120g)

Hotel Tango Jelenia Góra/
Hotel Tango Jelenia Góra

Sudecka 70
58-500 Jelenia Góra